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Ticket Reimbursement for Overbooked Train on 04/12/2015 (Paris > Lyon)

Dear SNCF,

This is the second submission I have left for this incident, for which I have received no reply or reimbursement. On the 4th of December, 2015, my train from Paris to Lyon was overbooked and I had to wait in the foyer/entrance area with many other passengers for over half the ride. The employees were not able to find me a seat until the end of the journey, so I had to stand on the stairway for nearly 3 hours. I asked one employee how I would be reimbursed and he said he registered the error in the system and my full reimbursement should be automatic. To this day, after several submissions and phone calls, I have received no reimbursement or assistance. I am owed back $134.55. Please help me.


Andrew Giurgius

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You have to claim by a letter to Service Clientèle SNCF - 62973 Arras cedex 9, joining your ticket and bank account details to be refunded.



You mean a physical letter by mail? Or can I send that information virtually to an email address? I am very far from France now and it would take forever.



I don't have a paper ticket. I bought it online and have the ticket only online. Can I send it to them with my bank info via email?


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