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Hi i want refund.

I reservated ticket
I try to contact to you many times but the answer is '"I have been unable to locate a booking under your name or reference provided on the UK website"
Its A frustrating situation.

And this is my first messege. Would you solve the problem?

Sorry about cancellation.
My Plan was go trip to Paris, with my husband. But..

The doctor was speaking not to go for a trip. Because
Excessive bleeding is due to a rupture of the fallopian tube to expect. And There are still bleeding.

I'm able to submit a medical certificate.(In English) - If you need. (It's very expensive for me)
Attachment file is Medical Certificate(Korean with English translation) at Jan. 6. 2016.

So.. I want to refund. I know my seats are hard to refund, but I need your help.
As to recovery, I'll go to Paris, and booking at sncf.
I'm waiting your answer. Thank you for your help.

Reference : RDXOQ
associated name : LIM


I understand your query but I am afraid you do not have the right reference. There is a mistake in it as it is always 6 letters and you write only 5 letters down.
Make sure you have the right reference and the right booking name, then try to put you claim on line again.

Best regards

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  • If your tickets are refundable and have been cancelled before departure, they will be refunded. Send your claim to service clientèle SNCF - 62973 Arras cedex 9, with tickets and bank informations (keep copy of tickets)
  • If your tickets are not refundable, optional "assurance annulation" refunds in cases provided by the contract. Claim must be sent to insurance.

In other cases, write to service clientèle SNCF.


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