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credit card fraud

I have 3 resevations on my credit card on 15.11.2015. on 227Eur, 99Eur and198Eur from SNCF INTERNET 75 PARIS, for transactions I did not make. I did not purchase any tickets from your site, I only booked a hotel in Wien via few days ago. I don't know if is in any relations with your site? Anyway I did not make those transactions and I would like to make an official reclamation. Could you give me an email for reclamations and instructions how to do it?

Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF

Hello Elena,

The adresse mail is :

Then you follow" Help" on top right of the site, then @contact
Select "un Vol, un hôtel, une location de voiture " then "a question.."

You need to explain exactly what happened.

Best regards

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michael P.
michael P.


Your contact : service clientèle SNCF - 62973 Arras cedex 9.


Bonjour Michael,
I am affraid it would take too long to post your Service Cleintele since I live in Serbia. I was instructed by my bank I should make reclamation as soon as possible, so no financial transactions is sent to bank. Is there an email adress I can write to? Thanks!