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Ellen Mol - Koning
Ellen Mol - Koning

When can I expect refund?

Another person booked me a train ticket from Nimes to Amsterdam for 23-10-2015 and paid for this with a creditcard. On the train station in Nimes I had to change te reservation into a valid ticket. The person who had paid for the ticket with the creditcard wasn't there, so I had to buy another ticket. At the train station they told me I could get my money back, but when can I expect this refund?

Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF

Hello Ellen,

I have asked the service in charge of those files. Yours has been correctly registered under the file number 8952948.
As a result of a large influx of files, the delay is up to two months to receive the refund of the unused tickets.

Best regards

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