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How to cancel a booking made online?

I tried to book a ticket today with my credit card. But I received a message that it was not possible to verify my card credit. I tried again and got the same message. However I received two e-mails from my credit card company saying that the payments were approved. How can I cancel these payments?



To give you a reasonable answer, two informations would be necessary :

  • what type of ticket did you buy ? Is it a ticket for a travel inside France or an international ticket ? Are you sure you rate is refundable ?
  • on which website did you book your ticket ?

I would expect you to receive not only a message from your card company, but also a message from the travel agent which confirms your booking. Are you sure the payment was effective ? Could not "approved" simply mean that it was allowed, but not that it was fully completed ?

Anyway, on any reasonable travel agent website, there is an easily found page containing a portfolio of the tickets you bought. Did you visit such a web page ?

The ticket was from Strasbourg to Paris and I tried to book it via the SNCF site. However, according to the SNCF site, my card was not accepted. So I tried again and got the same message. After that I gave up.
A few minutes later my credit card company sent me two e-mails, one for each transaction, saying that the value was charged (150 euros for each transaction, a total of 300 euros).
I tired to check SNCF website but there is nothing about my tickets.

Philippe Sterlingot
Philippe Sterlingot

SNCF does not sell tickets online. This activity is only managed by online travel agencies. is one of them. Contact it to solve your problem.

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