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Gemma Rice
Gemma Rice

Can I take my 9kg french bulldog on the train?

Sorry for the English! We want to travel by train through France with our French Bulldog, she is 9kg. Muzzles don't fit her as she has a short nose. Can we take her on the train in a carrier? Thank you for your help!


Oh, and you can only buy your doggy's ticket at the train station (price is 50% of a normal fare).

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I often travel with the SNCF and am the proud owner of a cute English bulldog (25kgs though). I have to travel with her from time to time so I am quite aware of some of the rules: you have to know that even if dogs are allowed and you buy a ticket, they are only tolerated - which means that you may be asked to get off the train if other passengers or the ticket inspector complain about your animal - with or without muzzle, with or without a carrier. I usually haven't got any problems in regional trains (TER). My bully has a short nose and well... muzzles don't fit, however, I always have one in case I am asked to put it on her (however hard it is to keep it in place!). In regional trains, you don't book your seats so I usually sit where it doesn't bother anyone and, well, if you have a carrier it's just fine although dog haters may still complain ... I wish you a very pleasant trip through France!

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