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Vince Black
Vince Black

How can we travel by train leaving AM from Dompierre Sept Fons to Colmar?

We wish to travel by train from Dompierre Sept Fons to Colmar and would appreciate your advice as to the best route for us to take. Thank you in anticipation.

Vince Black


The best solution is :

  • TER 893903 (Dompierre-Sept-Fons 6h22 - Paray-le-Monial 6h57)
  • TER 893303 (Paray-le-Monial 7h04 - Montchanin 7h54)
  • TER 893153 (Montchanin 8h03 - Dijon 8h48)
  • TGV 6701 (Dijon 9h01 - Mulhouse 10h17)
  • TER 96220 (Mulhouse 10h49 - Colmar 11h07).

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Maxime Mathon
Maxime Mathon

Hello Vince,

To travel from Dompierre Sept Fons to Colmar, the best route to take is :
Dompierre Sept Fons > Lyon Part Dieu (TER)
Lyon Part Dieu > Colmar (TGV)

You can have more details on

Have a nice trip !

michael P.
michael P.


It's faster and less expensive to travel via Lyon than via Paris. You will find fares and times on the booking site :



For trips involving several transfers like the one you're asking for, i recommand you to check the timetable on the German railway's website (there's an english version of "") and then to buy the result at any SNCF station desk. Do not use the french website or the yellow vending machines as they usually don't know about multiple transfers.

Best regards

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