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Incorrect payment, requesting refune


I booked two train ticket from Bordeaux to Paris on the 30th sept at 5.18am. The price indicated was 20 euro each. However on my credit card it charged me 74 euro instead of 40 euro. I have a copy of the timetable and the price for you to see, but my credit card showed a payment of 74 euro.
I would therefore seek a refund of 34 euro

I can send further information, including the price and and my ticket reference but only on a private message and not public,
Thank you

Christine Vosnacos
Christine Vosnacos

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Philippe Sterlingot
Philippe Sterlingot

You can see on your tickets that the price is 37 euros for each traveller. So you've been charged the right price.
Best regards

Christine Vosnacos
Christine Vosnacos

Thank you for your reply
I don't understand why the ticket says 37 euro, but when I went to purchase my ticket it had a price of 20 euro for each ticket. I also have a screen dump which shows that it is 20 euro.

I chose the 5.18 time because it was the cheapest price on the day, not because we have to be in paris so early.

I definitely purchased a 20 euro each ticket, but at payment it was 37 euro
Please investige there may be a fault of the computer sytem

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