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How can i get my tickets?

I have a problem! Me and my friends booked a trip with you from amsterdam to beziers, august 29th. The first trip is with thalys, and we thought that only the sncf ticket (from paris-beziers) were a print out ticket, and that we could do it in paris.. But ive talked to thalys, and they cant do anything!!? Why is it like this? Its a bit crazy, its 2015.. And HOW could we even book from amsterdam if the ticets must be printed out in france? We live in sweden, and had no ide.. Im not happy!
So how can u help us? It must be able to send it through e-mail or something!

Best regards
Therese Hamrin and friends

Philippe Sterlingot
Philippe Sterlingot

No SNCF can do nothing for you. Contact Capitaine train as you bought your tickets via this travel agency.

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Philippe Sterlingot
Philippe Sterlingot

SNCF does not sell tickets online, only travel agencies do it. When you booked your tickets, you had to choose between several printing methods, but you didn't choose the ticketless one for both trains (Thalys and TGV). So now, the best way is to cancel the Thalys tickets and rebook them with the right ticketing method. You could also have bought your tickets at SJ stations to avoid this kind of problem.

But i think its "not refundable" tickets and I booked them in one, from captain trains app..? And thalys already said they couldnt do anything, and that i should contact sncf..