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TER delayed missing TGV

I have on Bordeaux 13 min for change between TER 867240 to TGV 8430, whats happend if the TER is delayed? 13min its enough time for take the TGV cosidering Bordeaux Gare its on renovations?

Villasante Aritz
Villasante Aritz


You may have a difference because you have booked separatly or because of the nature of the new train.
The best for you would be to contact our call center in english so then they will be able to offer you the best prices and they also can book the ticket directly for you.
The numberis : if you call from France 3635 # 39, if you call from abroad 0892353539 or 0033892353539.

Best regards,

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Do you mean, you are just inquiring about the possibility to have a connexion of 13 minutes in Bordeaux?
13 minutes seems a little short as Bordeaux St Jean station is in renovations, even in normal time.
Where are you coming from? You should then take an earlier TER to be sure.

Best regards.

Villasante Aritz
Villasante Aritz

We are two people with two bikes who want to travel from Hendaye to Nevers the 6th of August. Checking online we have one TER 867240 at 8:44 which arrives to Bordeaux at 11:15 and the TGV 8430 leaves at 11:28 to Saint-Pierre-des-corps. I know 13 min its very few time for change trains but online website is giving us this posibility.

Thanks for answer so soon
Aritz V.


That's right, the website can give you this possibility but considering that you are two personns with bike it seems impossible.
You will have first to get down one train, cross the station which is wide and with stairs and get onto the TGV that closes its doors 2 minutes before departure for safety reasons. Plus the crowd in the station on those busy days, It is then quite sure that you might miss the TGV.

It would be safer to live earlier from Hendaye or to take and other TGV.

Best regards,

Villasante Aritz
Villasante Aritz

I was checking the earlier TER connections from Hendaye to Bordeaux and there is one that suits us at 6:00. But booking the trains separately, I mean first booking from Hendaye to Bordeaux and then Bordeaux to Nevers, all the travel ends up around 30 euro more expensive than if I had booked it entirely at once. Is there a way to book all the trains as one journey through the website but choosing the TER at 6:00 instead at 8:44?

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