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why refund me 267 euros?

I bought ticket for journey from Paris to London on the 8th July 2015,it cost me 306 euros, and I canceled it.
Today I received confirmation, it inform that a refund of 267 euros has been carried out on the credit card which was used for the on line payment, the operation reference is 531276. This amount has been calculated according to the terms and conditions of the chosen rate.
I noticed my ticket conditions, Business Premier Flexi : Tickets are exchangeable and refundable without charge up to 60 days after the date of travel.
So why refund me 267 euros ?


Here is the explanation :

The ticket Bussiness Premier Flex is exchangeable and refundable without charge but the rate of a single way is 345 it means 690 euros if you add the two ways.
You took took a round trip of 612 euros as a reduction is applied when you take a round trip.

So the customer service deducted 39 euros regularization out of the price of a single ticket costing 345 euros.You paid 306 euros but you did not performed the return, the ticket must be taxed at the rate of one way which is 345 euros.
So 612 -345 = 267 euros this is consistent with exchange arrangements and reimbursement of Eurostar .

Hoping I have explained clearly enough,

Best regards,

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