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refund for delayed trip

Travelled Barcelona to PAris Train 9704 on June 19 under my name LUCAS with 2 other people. Reference number TSUPWG. I made person to mail the punctuality guaranty envelope but I'm not certain if he did. Please let me know the status.

Agnes Fidelino
Agnes Fidelino
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF

Hello Agnes,

In that case, we will proceed an other way. Our system is made for personns having european bank details, and it is not always easy otherwise. The solution is to give us your credit card number, so then we can pay directly into it. Furthermore, it is quicker.

You need to use the same adress as I gave to you :

But, instead of choosing Garantie Ponctualité after Voyage, click on Trafic Perturbé. Then Autre Perturbation.
You then have a space to write your comments and even join some files if you need. In your case, in the comments, you explain what happened, which tickets you want to be compensated.... And you give your credit card number saying that you want the refund to be done on it.
Take care, you have a limited amount of characters.

Then, you will have to give us your full adress, Zip code, town and country.( In some places in the world, there is no Zip code, then you put some zeros instead...)

You fill all this, and that's it, your claim is done.
You then will receive a mail of confirmation.

Hoping it all work. Otherwise do not hesitate to recontact me,

Best regards

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Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF


I can not find a claim under your name. The best for you would be to do it by yourself on this adress :

You need to give your name, LUCAS, plus the reference number TSUPWG.
Then you need to choose : Voyage, Garantie Voyage then Garantie Ponctualité.
At this moment, you will have to click on the names of the personns travelling with you,
You then will have to give us your full adress and your banking details(BIC and IBAN details).

I hope that I have helped you.
Do not hesitate to contact me again if you have any query.

Best regards,

Agnes Fidelino
Agnes Fidelino

Hello Marjolaine. Thank you for your answer. I tried to do it as you suggested but could not complete the portion on bank details. My problem is that I inquired from my bank here in the Philippines and they can only provide the Bank's IBAN and SWIFT code.

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