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I would like to receive a refund

I don't know French and I'm not good at English. I'm really really sorry.

I would like to receive a refund. I booked a train that depart at Saint Lazare at 8:53 (18/08/2015) and arrive at Le Havre at 10:56. But while trying to pay, an error occurred. so I had to restart. But two were all booked....I mean that two all paid. I would like to receive a refund that was originally reservation.

Reservation name is Eun kyeong Kim, and Référence de dossier is SFYWUC, Nom an associé is KIM. Please check and please submit refund.

Thank you.


You need to make a claim on this following adress :

You need to choose in between différent items depending of your special query.
Then, you will need to explain exactly what happened and give the reference of 6 letters of your booking, plus the name associated to the booking. Usually your last name.
To be able to have a quicker treatment, it's better to give your credit card number in the space available for your comments. You also need to give your full postal adress including a zip code, town and country.

Hoping, I gave you all the needed informations.

Best regards,

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