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Pay by VISA got problem

I booked ticket from Paris to Rennes on 13 May 2015. Everything was OK Till paying process.
The system did not accept my VISA Card.
After i put OTP the system show it was timeout.
5 time trying but all Fail.

michael P.
michael P.


Use (check site identify Thailand as origin)


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michael P.
michael P.


Did you contact ? From where do you try to buy ?


Yes, i used
And I buy it from Thailand
I also try to load Application on iTune store but
It can download only in France iTune store.
After that i try to buy from idtgv$ControlGroupPaymentInputMobilePaymentView$PaymentDisplayViewMobilePaymentView$#

I already contact Bank to check my credit card but the result is my credit card was in normal working.
The bank suggest that this problem may caused from internet page.