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What I have to do to have to do to have my refund?

Good morning,
three months ago I asked for a refund sending all my tickets and also two attested made by the train inspector to you and now a letter has arrived but it doesn't talk about at all about my refund but only on the basic rules to buy a ticket. There are also a telephone number but when I call it nobody answer. What I have to do to have to do to have my refund?

Matteo Bernardo
Matteo Bernardo
michael P.
michael P.

You can ask an arbitration by the Médiateur :
Best regards.

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Matteo Bernardo
Matteo Bernardo

What kind of informations? In the ticket office they told me to buy a ticket that I didn't need to buy

Well, what exactly you are asking a refund for, so that we can try to see if the answer from SNCF customer service was the right one or not, and if it was not what else you can try to get a refund.

Matteo Bernardo
Matteo Bernardo

In the ticket office they told me that that train didn't accept the interrail ticket but, in the train, the inspector told me that it wasn't true and he wrote me a certificate to have a refund

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