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Captain Train does not proceed the payment.

I want to buy tickets(Ouigo) from Paris to Lyon using Captain Train. Everything was fine until the payment page. After I typed and reassured every details of my credit card was correct, it appeared "error during booking". I tried to pay more than 10 times and checked 20++times. And I didn't exceed my credit card limit as i just cleared my bill. And my card works fine to pay for other stuff.
So is there a problem with Captain Train website? any other websites like Captain Train ?


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Hello ky,

Whatever the travel agency website you use to book a Ouigo train, the payment is processed directly by Ouigo, and they are known to reject payments with some foreign card for "security" reasons.

Since you are trying to book with Capitaine Train, you should contact them at to check with them whether the problem is on Ouigo side or on their side, and they will advise you on what to do.


Will I face the same problem if I book TGV train ticket through Captain Train ?


Capitaine Train processes the payment directly for all trains *except* Ouigo, iDTGV, Deutsche Bahn, and iDBus (bus, not train).
So as long as you don't book one of those above, for example if you book TGV, TER, Intercités (IC), TGV Lyria, Renfe SNCF, Thalys, Eurostar..., you will be able to pay your ticket without any trouble since they don't blacklist any foreign card.

Payment for Ouigo, iDTGV, Deutsche Bahn and iDBus is processed by each of these companies, they have different policies with "blacklisted" card issuing countries.

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