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Maria Moltoni
Maria Moltoni

where is my ticket?

a few days ago I booked a seat on a TGV Milan to Paris on the 23rd of April 2014. I chose to receive the ticket via mail and then print it but I have not received it. In my bank account I can see that the money for the ticket has been taken, so I now need my confirmation e-mail in order to print it and used it as a ticket. Thank you.

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Maria Moltoni
Maria Moltoni

No sorry maybe I didn't explain myself. I bought the ticket online, on this same website. I was suppose to receive via mail the confirmation, which counts as a ticket, but I din't receive it. II need it, I have paid for the ticket and I need my confirmation e mail to prove it and show it on the train.

This website is a question/answer website, it does not sell any ticket. If you bought a SNCF online, it was through a travel agency : contact the one you booked with, and they should be able to help you.

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