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caroline henyo
caroline henyo


Hi Mathieu,
I rather find your reponse very flimsy because I do not think you took your time to understand this complaint.
1.18:55 to 21.00 is not 25mins.
2.Compensation does not neccessarily mean fiscal refund.Your company expressing at least regret for delay formally would be appreciated since they are able to send promotion news to my inbox, they can as well do that.
3.You trying to defend 25mins not being a big deal is appaulling.It is simple to understand, if I were late for 25mins for the train,would you say,it is no big deal?Justifying doing better than other transport companies because it was just 25mins is really despicable because your best is not enough.There is more room for improvement and you should be less defensive as a CRM or whatever your post is.



Hi Caroline,

Just before I reply: you may also click on "répondre à cette quesion" (the blue button under your question) to reply instead of starting a new thread by asking a new question, it makes it easier to follow the conversation.

1. As I said, SNCF calculates the delay on a train by train basis. Your first train was 25 minutes late, which is under 30 minutes, therefore you are not entitled to compensation by SNCF rules.

2. Like most people here, I do not work for SNCF (this is stated in my profile), therefore I can't apologize on behalf of them (but as a regular traveller, I do understand the situation you had to deal with). SNCF usually doesn't send advertisement emails, maybe you're talking about the travel agency you booked your tickets with?

3. If you were 25 minutes late, well you would have missed the trains. If you were 30 minutes early, you could have taken TGV 5346, with an arrival in Grenoble at 22:37. Since your train was the last connexion to Grenoble this day (and potentially the last to somewhere else for some other passengers too), the best SNCF could have done here was sending you to Paris-Lyon to catch another train, and that's what they did.

I didn't say 25 minutes late is not a big deal, your situation shows it can be especially if you have connections, I said "25 minutes is not enough to have a compensation by SNCF rules" and "25 minutes delay is probably not caused by SNCF majority of traffic share in France".

Again: I do not work for SNCF (or any other travel-related company), so I can only tell about the facts regarding SNCF contract of carriage and the situation you described, but I do understand this situation, and although they could have been more clear with you about how to reach Paris-Lyon, I think they did what they could (the other option being you spending a night in Massy).
Last month back from München my train was delayed by 15 minutes, which would make me miss my connection, since I was at the station early enough the Deutsche Bahn routed me through another train so I could reach Paris on time. If I were just on time for my train, well I would have reached Paris with a few hours delay in the middle of the night, like you did in Grenoble, and I don't see how the Deutsche Bahn would have made anything different than what the SNCF did in your case.

If you want an answer from a SNCF representative, the best thing is probably to contact SNCF customer service, which will (hopefully) answer you with a full apology letter.

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