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Prateek Karandikar
Prateek Karandikar

Paris-Mantes-la-Jolie-Vernon with partial Navigo

I'd like to travel from Paris St Lazare to Mantes-la-Jolie using my Navigo pass, and then from Mantes-la-Jolie to Vernon using an ordinary ticket, on the same train. This seems like a perfectly reasonable and morally correct thing to do, as I have a ticket or pass for every part of my journey. At Mantes-la-Jolie there probably won't be enough time to validate the ticket. Can I validate it at St Lazare before departure? If not, what exactly will happen if I insert the ticket into the validating machine at St Lazare?

Similarly, in the reverse direction, is it possible to validate my Navigo at Vernon? I guess not. What are the consequences of travelling with a Navigo pass which is valid for the necessary zones, but which hasn't been validated (held against that purple machine) before the journey?

Capucine de l'équipe SNCF
Capucine de l'équipe SNCF

Hi Prateek,

From Paris St Lazare to Vernon, you will have to go out of the train at Mantes-la-Jolie to validate your train ticket, you can't validate it at St Lazare because it has to be validated from the departure station.
For the return, Vernon to Paris St Lazare, It's ok if you validate your ticket at Vernon and stay in the train until Paris. Anyway, I advise you to go see the SNCF staff to have some more advices and be in rules.

Have a good day.

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