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Roxana Vasile
Roxana Vasile

How can I contest the fine I have abusively received today?

I have just arrived in Paris today on transit to Belgium, and on the train from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare Du Nord I was given a fine under the reason that my ticket was not valid for "outside Paris". It was a ticket I bought last time I passed through Paris, and used a similar one on the bus to Paris Orly and it was perfectly valid. It seems I should have known that the parisian airport Charles de Gaulle is considered to be outside Paris. I didn't even notice there was a small "dans Paris" written in one of then corners of my ticket! This same ticket which was not "valid" for the train I was on, opened the gates to the train line just fine! The controller had a hard time believing me, as if I would have jumped over the gates with my luggage.
Bottom line, it's unacceptable that your system couldn't read that my ticket wasn't valid and granted access to the train (which in any decent system would mean the ticket is valid!) and that you expect tourists to know all the details which you don't even display in the train stations! I want to know how I can contest this contravention and get my money back.


Hello Roxana,

Although it is quite weird that this ticket allowed you to pass the turnstiles in Charles de Gaulle airport, the fine cannot be considered as "abusive" since you did not have a valid ticket for this trip. If you used the same kind of ticket on the Orlybus, it shouldn't have been valid as well.

T+ tickets are only valid on bus (except Orlybus and Roissybus), tram, metro, and RER inside Paris city limits.

For any trip outside Paris by RER, you need a specific ticket.


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