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uable to pay ouigo tickets

hi, I have been trying to book ouigo tickets from marne la valle to montpellier (june/july), i have a valid french mobile-phone number and a french adress but i am in norway trying to book. when entering the creditcard iformation and pressing next, the site just says "now loading" and nothing more happens. What do I do ?

Hi Zander,

This answer is made for futur users that will have the same question :
For every questions about Ouigo, I advise you to contact direclty the dedicated custumer service :

Kind regards.

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Hi Zander,

Did you try with another web browser ? If that's still unsuccessful, I'll unfortunately assume that the Voyages SNCF still do not wish to sell tickets to people outside France.

i know that others have sucessfully booked tickets from abroad france so that should not be the problem. I have also tried other web-browsers, this is not the problem. Is there any other way to book ouigo tickets ? i need them urgently.


i managed to book tickets via my ipad, wierd ! :) my next problem is that i am not able to check my reference number on the ouigo website (it says "oops, an error occured). ouigo has still not withdrawn any amount from my credit card. but I got my reference number. when do i get my tickets, and when will sncf withdraw the payment ? ( i am travelling in 27 of june)

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