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Maria Hurtado
Maria Hurtado

Paid twice for train ticket. Help please.

I hope someone can help me. I feel so lost. A couple of days ago my friends and I went to Versailles from Paris and when we were coming back a person working for this company asked us for our tickets. We told them we threw them away (since they didnt ask it on our first train and we had lots of metro tickets that we didnt wanted to have them mixed up). They told us we needed to pay 45 euros or they would call the police on us. They told us that the normal price was 75 euros but that day we could pay 45 euros. At the end we told them that we would get out of the train because we were not paying again. They made us get out of the train (my other 2 friends and 2 persons from this company). Other 2 girls were taken out of the train too with another 2 people from SNCF (No one else was left to control the rest of the tickets on the train). After talking for a long while, and the female whose nametag had to name, told us that she would call the police on us if we didnt pay. By this time we were cold and scared that something may happen so we paid (I have the receipts to show it). Later we tried to approach the other 2 girls who were also paying again for their tickets (one of the SNCF personnel told us very rudely 'this is none of your business. You already paid, go away'. That got us intrigued so when the 4 SNCF people left we approached the 2 girls. They told us they were telling them to pay 30 euros each but at the end they paid only 30 euros for both. Later they were told that one of them had to pay 6 euros apart. We felt robbed as the 4 personnel from the company left without any explanation and without actually showing us the tarif. Me and my friends we are exchange students. We went to Paris and kept eating home made sandwiches so we wouldnt spend money on food in Paris and they took 45 euros from us out of nowhere. I understand there may have been a policy of keeping your ticket while the train ride lasts but I don't understant why we had to pay 45 euros compared to 6 euros from the other girl. I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I need to know who to contact about this concern. Please help us.

michael P.
michael P.


To question about a fine on the sncf network in Ile-de-France, write to :

SNCF - Centre de relations clients transilien SNCF
Recouvrement des procès verbaux
75571 PARIS CEDEX 12

Phone : 0820 00 00 29 (0,15€ la minute)

Joignez les jusficatifs suivants :

  • Les billets de train originaux en votre possession
  • Votre procès verbal (PV)
  • Un courrier détaillant le motif de votre réclamation
  • Vos coordonnées complètes (nom, prénom, adresse et numéro de téléphone)


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