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I cannot book with an Australian credit card. I do not want to book on other 3x price sites.

I have checked with our bank. There has been no attempt to even charge our Australian Mastercard. Obviously, train tickets booked early, with reduced prices are just for French nationals. I label this discrimination.If you are worried about Australian credit cards, then have secure code available at the payment stage. I do not want to book at higher 50% to 100% markups on other sites with the availability of times and seats diminished.
I am frustrated and in disbelief. Surely, this contravenes a person's equality and rights.
I am an Australian who was looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime visit to France.
I really would like an honest answer to this.
Thanking You.
Elizabeth McBarron.

Elizabeth McBarron
Elizabeth McBarron




"Voyages SNCF" travel agency does not allow booking from outside France (yes this is silly I know). If you understand a bit of French, you may want to book with "Capitaine Train", another travel agency that has SNCF agreement to sell train tickets, they don't have any problem to sell you tickets wherever you come from.

Hello Elizabeth McBarron,

You can book with australian credit card on our websites, it is recommended to book on TGV Europe's website if you live abroad : it is available in English.

Please check this link concerning the on-line payment :

If you have tried to book on TGV Europe's website, please contact the dedicated service to check what happened :

If you have tried to book on VOYAGES-SNCF 's website, please contact us here :


Philippe Sterlingot
Philippe Sterlingot

Hello Elizabeth,
You can book on our SNCF Australian website

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