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Tetsuya Asao
Tetsuya Asao

Can you tell me if this train will operate? July 20th Paris Austerlitz (08:42) to Vierzon Ville (10:10) Intercity 3621.

I am asking you this question because I could not find this schedule on your website. But, my friend is saying that this schedule will operate. I am confused so I ask you.


Is it 8:42 am or 8:42 pm?

If it is pm, there is the train n°3681 starting at 07:42 Paris, Vierzon 09:06 or an other is the n°3921 starting 09:08 Paris, Vierzon 10:50.

michael P.
michael P.


July 20 is on summer period and schedule is not on line for the moment. Train 3621 may operate at a different time.


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