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I need to exchange a ticket

I live in the USA and my daughter is coming to france next month . I bought a ticket for my 16 years old daughter from Paris ot St pierre des corps for Jun 12 but it needs to be for Jun 11. It is on the TGV at 1335, how can I exchange it for the right date?
on the ticket is says that "Billet echangeable avec retenue avant depart". I would like to take care of it and have a seat for her on the train since I will be not be there in Paris with her. Thank you for your assistance.

roya memar
roya memar



Contact :

If your daughter travels on jun 11 instead of jun 12, you have to change her ticket. On jun 11, her ticket is not valid.

It would be possible at a station if the train is not full.


roya memar
roya memar

Thank you for your quick response. I understnad that my daughter can go therer and "hope" to get a ticket the day before but as I said since I am not going to be there in Paris i would like to make the arrangements in advance. So my question is how can I make the exchange in avance on line to make sure that she has a ticket in her hand? thanks for helping me in this matter.

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