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paola dalto
paola dalto

Could a small dog, who`s weight is approximately 9 kg, travel on TGV from Italy to Paris? How much is the ticket price?

Dear Sirs,

I would like to book two TGV tickets from Turin to Paris for my parents but I need to know before if their dog could travel with them.
It is a small dog and it weights approximately 9 kg. Is it allowed to travel with such a small dog? And what about the price? How much does it cost the ticket for the dog? Is it 50% of the normal price?
Thank you very much in advance,

Paola Dalto

Gerald H.
Gerald H.

Hello Paloa.

It costs € 35 for travelling with your dog who's weight more than 6kg. It's the same price in first or second class. But be careful, travellers around you in the train must be agree (your dog must not interfere during the trip), leash and muzzle mandatory.

You can buy this ticket only in the train station, not possible on the website.

I hope that answers your question. Have a nice day.

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