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Refund procedure

Good afternoon,
My name is Ana Belén Acosta Castillo, and last 18 July I purchased some train tickets to travel from Paris to Quillan (the day of departure was August 1rst, reference RYRPJZ). I purchased the tickets online because I live in Mexico and I selected my tickets delivered by post to Mexico because I wasn’t able to take the credit card with me and because the web site indicated I would receive them within seven days and I was going to leave Mexico on July 30th.
However, my train tickets didn’t arrive on time before my departure to France, so when I got to the train station they told me I had to purchase new tickets and ask for a refund. I must say that the original train tickets arrived to Mexico until August 7th.
The main objective of this question is to confirm the address where I have to send the tickets and a letter explaining my situation:
The address they provided me is:
Voyages-SNCF Costumer Service
Carrer Fluvia 65
Metrovacesa Parc 22@
Edificio B PB Recepcion
Barcelona, Spain.
And the documents they told me to send is: the new tickets purchased, the original tickets and a letter explaining my situation.
Also, I would like to know the procedure I have to follow to get the refund and the information you need in the letter (e.g. reference, dates of departure, number of transaction...).

Thanks in advanced for your attention and help.
Yours respectfully,
Ana Belén Acosta Castillo

Ana Belén Acosta Castillo
Ana Belén Acosta Castillo

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