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Yuan Xiaofeng
Yuan Xiaofeng

How can I get refund for my train ticket

Hello. My name is Xiaofeng Yuan and i want to get refund my tickets.
I bought two train tickets online. One is from Toulouse Matabiau to Barcelona Sants on 12 July, 2017. The other one is from Barcelona Sants to Toulouse Matabiau on 13 July, 2017. But for some reasons I didn't go that day and I had turned in the two tickets at the train station and the staff told me to fill in some form in the website to get my refund. But I didn't see any information about the steps to get my refund. The original e-billet Number of the two tickets are 503887705 and 503887860, and the staff have given me another two number TERXBT and TDOBEG. Can you tell me how to get my refund?
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good afternoon, my name is Ekaterina Saranduk. I bought a ticket to the Aeroport CDG2 Paris for 10,30 €. when I arrived I needed to show my ticket to control man. I could not find it in my bags and pockets. the controller said to me that first i need to pay 50 €. then can look, if I find a ticket, he will gladly return my money. so after 3 minutes I found a ticket, stood next to the controller, he said that I need to contact the website and describe the situation. I have a photo my ticket and fine. please contact me, explain the situation and the possibility of a refund