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Stella Breki
Stella Breki

Reimbursement of TGV ticket Luxembourg-Strasbourg

On Sunday 5/6 I cancelled online the TGV ticket I had for Mon 6/6 at 7h23 from Luxembourg to Strasbourg, because I needed to book the earlier train, at 5h13. Then I got the cancellation confirmation in my email, saying that I need to go to SNCF gare or boutique with my ticket, to get the reimbursement. The staff at the SNCF boutique of Strasbourg told me that they cannot reimburse my ticket because it doesn't have a stamp from the Luxembourg train station to prove that I didn't use the ticket. They said I had to go to but there it doesn't show my cancelled ticket, only the one that I actually used (it was an aller-retour and I cancelled only the retour).
Please advise me how to proceed

Thank you in advance

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