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Hello, I spent 4 hours on 30 May 2017 trying unsuccessfully to cancel my train reservation for 31 May 2017. The train departed Amsterdam at 0900 and went to Berlin. My reservation is UXEGEP. When I attempt to cancel via your website (ensuring that I used the French version of the website), I receive the following message "Following a technical problem, the estimate can not be realized". I would be happy to send you a screenshot of this error message received the day before my reservation if you respond to me with a valid email. I have called all of SNCF's customer service telephone numbers and either no one is available, or when I do reach a customer service representative, they refer me to someone else who is unable to cancel the reservation. I also used SNCF's WhatsApp contact and have not received a response. I have been charged over 100 euros by my cell phone carrier for international charges while trying to resolve this issue with SNCF staff. I have also been corresponding daily with since 30 May 2017 and have sent them screenshots of the inability of your website to cancel my reservation. This has been an on-going process for over a week now and I am quite frustrated. My expectation is that my reservation UXEGEP will be cancelled and I will receive a full refund as I had been making these attempts the day prior to my scheduled departure (and since). Please contact me at as soon as possible confirming the cancellation and my refund. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Best regards, Matthew Curtin

Matthew Curtin
Matthew Curtin

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