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First class tickets

I recently purchased a first class ticket from Barcelona to Paris (I have to purchase new tickets because I was unable to travel on the date that I had previously planned) but was seated in Coach 12 lower deck\, seats 43 and 44 which did not look like first class seats at all. My other ticket showed my accommodation as "1. class top" and it was nowhere I was seated last May 31st. I paid Eu224,00 each for 2 persons first class accommodations and would like to ask for reimbursement if I was seated in economy class. My other tickets was submitted to the customer service office when we reached Paris but can be retrieved from my email if needed, and my tickets purchased on 5/30 for my 5/31 departure from Barcelona was also submitted to them but I have a photocopy of the tickets.

I am therefore requesting for a refund for the difference in the fare I paid, having paid eu224 for a first class when I was seated in the economy class.

Hope to hear from you on this matter.

Thank you.

Cecille Alderman

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