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Twice paying for the same ticket


I've purchased tickets online on the 7th of March via It should be Geneva Airport-Lausanne-Geneva Airport tickets with outward day the 27th of March and inward day the 30th of March. The only way to get tickets was to have them sent by post. Not having received my tickets, I arrived on the 27th of March to Geneva and visited local SNCF office. They couldn't help at all me despite my having the same credit card that I payed and the confirmation e-mail printed. So I had to buy my tickets in this office AGAIN. How can I return my money for still not-yet-delivered old tickets now? I can't send the originals of the new tickets to SNCF by post as it was a business trip and they should be given to my accounting department. Would some scanned copies be good enough? Please help me now. I really dislike the situation one pays twice for the only one thing.

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For your claim, use the link :

If necessary, you coud send your request by postmail to customer service.
Service Clientèle SNCF
62973 Arras cedex 9.

Keep copies of documents and join bank reference.