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SNCF TGV.COM 77MI took my money and expects me to know the reference number and send them a post mail?

On February 15th (a month ago!) , I tried to book a train through SNCF TGV.COM (77 MI) several times. I sent email to Voyages-sncf AND iDTGV. Both denied that they took the money. I called my bank to check who took it, and they said SNCF TGV.COM 77 MI. Today, I got a bank statement for proof. I think it is not fair that I had to wait a month for replies from different websites and I have to wait longer!! My trip in Europe is in a month, and I really want MY money back (100+ US dollars) . This is quite big money for me because I'm a student.

Sending my post mail will take long. And some companies reply slowly on purpose anyway. I am kind of disappointed at how this turned out and I will tell my friends (who are planning to travel to Europe) not to use this, since there are so many complaints and nothing much is done..


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