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schedules / timetables for shuttle buses from TGV Haute Picardie to Saint Quentin

I wish to travel to / from the TGV Haute Picardie to Peronne, which I understand is 10km west of the TGV Haute Picardie. I believe there are shuttle buses that travel from the TGV Haute Picardie to Saint Quentin.
1. Do these shuttle buses stop at Peronne, so passengers can visit the Historical Museum at Peronne?
2. what is the name of the shuttle bus?
3. May I get a copy of the shuttle bus timetable? I will be travelling in 2017 August.
4. Are there facilities for passengers on the TGV to leave their luggage at the train station (gare) at TGV Haute Picardie?

glenys Bolland
glenys Bolland


glenys Bolland
glenys Bolland

Thank you very much, Michael, for your very prompt replies to my questions.
Do you know how close the shuttle bus from the TGV to St. Quentin comes
to Peronne? For example: 8 kilometres? 3 kilometres etc? Are there stops
anywhere along the highway that are within walking distance of Peronne?

Kind regards,

TGV station is 13 km far from Péronne. It is necessary to call a Taxi. As said in the first answer, the shuttle bus to St Quentin has not any stop between TGV station and St Quentin Station.


glenys Bolland
glenys Bolland

Thank you so much again, Michael.

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