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Wrong ticket sold, please change

Hi, I just booked a trip for four persons on your website, for december 31st from Moutiers to Amsterdam, arriving there at 20.42, dossier QOJJQL. Later we find out the last part will ony run to Rotterdam, which is not what we bought. Could please change our reservation to the earlier itinerary, leaving Moutiers around 7.00 in the morning?

michael P.
michael P.

If your ticket is refundable, it will be refunded. site, (phone, mail or "mes commandes"), you can check your ticket and cancel it on line.


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michael P.
michael P.


If necessary, contact customer service :

Phone : +33 (0)970 60 99 60 (no surcharge)


Thank you very much for this. The phone number is not in use, and there is no way I can cancel my reservation. What I do see is (in French, this page has no English translation...) that I may have bought a ticket that is not refundable. Please note you sold me a ticket for a non-existant itinerary.
Could you please cancel my trip, dossier QOJJQL,

kind regards, Tobias Oudejans

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