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Dear SNCF team! I'm desperately trying to reach you for the last couple of days You are not replying on the message whic

My booking QNJDCO wasn't valid for the first part of my trip Amsterdam-Paris and I had to buy a new ticket
I did this booking on your official website but was told in Schiphol that there is no international booking system (though it was pointed in my booking it's possible) and they couldn't get access to my booking and the only possibility to buy a new ticket! There is no indications on your website and moreover customer is allowed to make this illegal booking! They stamped and signed that my booking for Amsterdam-Paris was invalid and I have to retrieve my ticket for Paris-Amsterdam in Paris only
Of cause I want to make a refund of my expenditures for the new ticket and to keep the second part of my booking from Paris to Amsterdam
Hope you ll able to do it in Paris
Please contact me on my mail or by phone 0621809740

I sent you message but you are not going to respond
Hope this will work better or I shall report about this unauthorized sales from your part

Hope to hear from you soon,

With best regards,


Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF
Marjolaine de l'équipe SNCF

Hello Irina,

You need to go to a french station now that you are in France to ask them to issue your tickets under the booking QNJDCO. You will have the ticket to go back from Paris to Amsterdam. For the double buy from Amsterdam to Paris, you need to make a claim on this adress :

You will then be able to ask for a refund of you expenditures.

Best regards

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