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Rybakova Alyona
Rybakova Alyona

I have been charged and have not received my tickets


First of all I would like to say that I am really dissapointed with the service.
On the 29th of May I tried to buy tickets online on your website for 9-10 of Jule:
Lyon-Marseille (10 euros)
Marseille-Lyon (42 euros)
I tried twice and both times got 'cancel'. Nevertheless, I was charged for 84 euros (the price of two tickets Marseille-Lyon).
I went to the train station explaining my problem and I was advised to wait few days, that money would given back maximum in 7 days, and if not - I should come back with the print paper from the bank showing that I had been charged, and they will call customer service. In one week I did not receive anything and I went again to the same station (Part-Dieu), explained everything again and was told that, in fact, I had to wait 7 working days (and bank only works 4 days per week). Again in 1 week I came to the station (today, after 2 weeks waiting!) and was told that they do not fix this kind of problems and gave me the link to this website to ask a question. Which I could do 2 weeks ago.
Please let me know how this will be fixed.

How can I contact customer service if it is not the correct place? Please send me the link.


Le service clientèle is the alone address allowed to refund sncf tickets, when it is not possible in station.
There is a phone line not overcharged, but not open from all countries : + 33 (0)98 098 36 35.
However it is better to write ; postcode is 62973 Arras cedex 9, sorry.
But it would be useful to know why could not record cancellation and allow refund (if tickets were refundable).


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  • contact to check what hapened and to know whether a refund is available.
  • if necessary, write to Service clientèle sncf - 63973 Arras cedex 9


Rybakova Alyona
Rybakova Alyona


1. My tickets got cancelled. Don't know what to check more.
2. Service clientèle sncf - 63973 Arras cedex 9 - What is this? Can I have the link or email address to write? I could not find any 63973.


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