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Customer Complaint

To whome it may concern,

I am a very frequent SNCF user and I travel often on Business between Strasbourg aand Basel in the past 8 years! I am also an owner of a Alsace Reflex card for the last several (3-4) years .
The only place to buy SNCF tickets in Basel is ONE SINGLE ticket machine that works only with credit cards and coins! Besides this, it is VERY often out of order and does not work!!!

On one such occasion (this Monday May 30th) I was travelling from Basel to Strasbourg and of course as usual the machine was NOT working. I entered the train without the ticket and with Reflex card in order to buy the ticket on the train. The first time I saw the SNCF controllor passing buy, I STOPPED HER and said that I am sorry but the machine was not working so I could not buy the ticket and that I would like to buy it from her now.

However, she said that it was too late and that her colleague is comming in a few minutes to check the tickets and that she will charge me the fine of 50 EUROS!!! This was completely unfair as I should have payed only 17 euros with my discount card IF THE MACHINE WAS WORKING and if your empoyee wanted to do her job to sell me the regular ticket as I stopped her before they checked the tickets!!
The other colleague come by later and they both started arguing in French with me (which I do speak but it is not my native language) which really felt unfair!

I am a long term user of SNCF and I ALWAYS buy tickets.
YOUR ONE AND ONLY MACHINE in Basel is more often broken than working and your staff does not behave very profesional.I STOPPED HER the first time she was passing by in the train, before they came for control still I was forced to pay the fine!

I request that you reimburse me for the amount that I was charged extra (50-17 e= 33 e) to try to restore my faith in your transportation system, which was completely on strike on my back from work on Wednesday evening so I barely came back from Strasbourg!
I can provide you with the scan of my Reflex card, the fine I had to pay, as well as plenty of other tickets that I buy so often for my travels.

If this does not happen and the situation continues I will be forced to use Deutsche Bahn instead as they at least have machines that work!

Thank you in advance!

Vjetrovic Jelena
Vjetrovic Jelena


Philippe Sterlingot
Philippe Sterlingot

Then use DB machines.


Being without a ticket, you have to go and meet the controllor. Waiting for him, you are not in a régular situation since you will travel without ticket if he does not comes to control.


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