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Compensation of train ticket 2.0


on 10 April 2016 I posted my first request to get a refund for a ticket with the titel "compensation of train ticket". After explaining over and over again the reasons why I would like to get a refund, I finally got this answer from Marjolaine saying:

"Hello Alina,
I understand your disappointment and be certain that we are going to work on your claim again.
I can see that you noticed you have cutted short your journey on the DB form. But the person who handled you file did not pay attention to this and just thought you were claiming for the delay of the first train.
I am going to ask that person to reopen your file and then refund the rest of the journey you did not do.
Best regards"

Unfortunately, you blocked the Response Button for me so I have to post this new request.

A few days ago, I got a letter from SNCF (Ref. 9497088, from Severine Simon). If I understand it correctly (which was not easy as the whole letter was in French only), SNCF asked me to explain the details of my trip once again. Sorry, but this whole story is ridiculous. I have explained the details of the trip so many times and I still do not get a proper refund.

So I will explain it now one more time and I would like to kindly ask you to communicate this internally to your colleague within SNCF.

On 26/02/2016 I wanted to travel from Karlsruhe to Lyon by train and paid 55,40€ for the international ticket which I booked with SNCF. Due to a delay of the first train from Karlsruhe to Offenburg, I missed my connection for the second train from Offenburg to Strasbourg. As this connection was the last connection of that day, I never reached Lyon. That's why I would like to request a refund for the whole journey from Karlsruhe to Lyon and not only for the first train from Karlsruhe to Offenburg. Due to the delay of the first train, I was not able to do the rest of the journey and I've never arrived in Lyon. I have explained this details initially in the DB From which was sent to you and I have explained it on facebook several times and now again another time. I think this should be sufficient information for you in order to be able to refund the money.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Alina Wolf

Hello Alina,

Your file has been treated the 2nd of may.
A letter of explanation has already been sent to you and a refund will appear on your bank account within 20 days depending of banks treatment.

Best regards

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Hello Alina,

I understand your dissatisfaction. I am very sorry your file has not been treated correctly when reopened.

Don't worry, you will not have to explain again and again what happend. The explanations you gave were very clear.

I leave our conversation open to be able to reply as soon I have informations.

Best regards.