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Train Cancellation due to terrorist risk alarm in Lille Europe station


Good day.
My name is Yi FENG (Daniel). I bought a ticket to travel on (TGV: 9846 24/03/2016 - from Lille Europe to Aeroport CDG2). The ref: QGTEZB.

Unfortunately, the whole train station was totally evacuated and all trains are stopped, due to terrorist alarm in the Lille Europe station

Thus, I didn't catch my flight (AF116, 24/03/2016 on 23:25) from Paris to Shanghai. And I can only change my flight ticket to the next day (25/03/2016 AF112). This change cost me 125 euro.

Please kindly validate my reclaim request for this 125 euro.
If you need more information, you can write E-mail to me directly.

My mail box is:
(if doesn't work, use this:

Thank you in advance
Daniel FENG
+86 177 0179 5022


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