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Pete Lindsey
Pete Lindsey

Paris - Bourg St Maurice 25th Mars Intercite Nuit

Bonjour, je souhaite reserver un billet intercité de nuit pour l'aller le Vendredi 25 mars et retour le Samedi 2 Avril pour Paris – Bourg St Maurice ... je ne trouve aucun de ces trains a la vente. On m'avait dit que ces trains étaient maintenus ..; train 5705
avez vous d'autres information ?? merci


Hello, sorry for this late response.
It is quite weird that these trains are not present on the "horaires" website of SNCF. However, they are mentionned on the website "Voyages SNCF", even if they are not opened for reservation yet. This means that they will probably circulate, even though I cannot be 100% sure since I do not work for the SNCF. I will try to obtain more informations tomorrow and I'll contact you if I manage to find out more !
Thanks again !

Hello again !
These Intercités de Nuit will circulate, you can enter your email on the "Alerte Réservation" located on the space where it says that the train is not opened to booking yet. This will allow you to be informed by email once you will be able to book your tickets.
Thanks again !!

Pete Lindsey
Pete Lindsey

Theo - merci beaucoup! I do see them on the horaires website, which I take to be a good sign.

Michelle Elson
Michelle Elson

Hi Theo.

Thank you for your information. I can also see the train on the website. I have requested the email announcement. Do you have any idea when the tickets will be on sale. We need to travel from London to Paris in order to make the connection and the Eurostar tickets get more expensive every day!

Many thanks

Pete Lindsey
Pete Lindsey

Theo - thanks for using your influence 8-). I have booked both outbound and return - outbound a little expensive by 10am, but I got the lowest price on the returns, so overall very happy!

Thanks again for answering all the questions, much appreciated.

Michelle Elson
Michelle Elson

Hi Theo. Thanks from me too. I am very pleased and have booked my return journey. Michelle

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